Sesame Home is a community-based social e-commerce platform. We provide the most efficient access to housing and all the goods and services around everyday living.

Sesame Home harnesses the emerging consumer behaviors around digital shopping expectations and experience-based shopping on social media. It also leverages the power of simple economics – volume discount to deliver customer value and revolutionizes retail by introducing C2B transaction model.
1. Offer unprecedented transparency by consolidating all housing professionals organized by merit, geography and specialties;
2. Better-utilized agents in an open, fair and efficient competition-driven market;
3. Simplify logistics by forming community-leader-based shipping and storage hubs;
4. Augment MLS offering by extending housing supply to private listings, publishing unbiased housing data and AI-driven housing in sights and trends;
5. Re-utilize agents or other professionals to be the community leader, establishing credibility and trust;
6. Create customer value by pooling purchasing power in each community unit.

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