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加拿大社区介绍 Stouffville(桃源小镇)?

Adam wang Sales Rep

Whitchurch-Stouffville 是多伦多东北边的一个美丽小镇,也有人称之为桃源小镇。毗邻万锦市,在万锦市的正北面,具体地理位置是在19街以北,404高速以东,第十大道以西,Davis Dr以南。一直以来,这儿都是加拿大富豪权贵钟爱的居住风水宝地。近些年,被Stouffville的美丽优雅所吸引,进驻Stouffville高端社区的华人也越来越多。相比于大多热门社区,在这里花同样的钱您可以拥有土地面积更大,自然环境更好,外观更加高端,大气,上档次的豪宅。 Whitchurch-Stouffville之所以被称为桃源小镇,源自于一条由北向南流经小镇的河流,叫Duffin’s Creek,这正是小镇的发源处。据传,1804年10月,Stouffer带着妻子及家人,分乘5辆马车,花了6周的时间,从宾夕法尼亚州迁徙来到上加拿大万锦。他们起先居住在红河谷地区的Little Rouge河边。不久,Stouffer先免费获得一部分土地,后又分批购得大片现在隶属Whitchurch-Stouffville的土地。Stouffer因为曾跟父亲学过磨粉,所以就在自己的土地上开设了磨坊和锯木坊。1820年,AbrahamStouffer一家定居于此,并在河边开设了作坊,标志着一个小村庄的诞生。由于Stouffer是小村的奠基人,所以小村就被称为Stoufferville。1832年,那里的邮局开通后,人们考虑其名字太长,就将其简化为Stouffville。1877年,成为Village;1971年,与Whitchurch合并成为Whitchurch-Stouffville镇。 时光飞逝,今天的桃源小镇已今非昔比,大量高档的豪宅、庄园在小镇不断涌现,也不断更新着人们居住和生活的理念。由于这个小镇的土地资源丰富,建造大地块的豪宅成为了可能,而且自然环境得 天独厚、风景秀丽,所以这里随处可见宏伟的乡村豪宅。在这里,有不少豪宅和庄园是建设在背靠森林、面对湖泊的大地块,这些自然条件是其他豪宅区所难以获取的。据说Tim Hortons 集团公司的总裁就是住在这里。

2018-07-05 02:35:21


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Rent vs. Buy?

Adam wang Sales Rep

There are many factors that will influence your decision: interest rate, mortgage rate, your planned period of stay, your family size etc. You can google rent vs. buy and there are many calculators you can use. You can play around with different assumptions. In the end, you are deciding the best solution for investment and also for your life style.

2018-07-05 02:09:37


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Do I need to pay for my real estate agent if there is no deal?

Kent  Jiang Sales Rep

There is no simple answer for this big question, it depends on who is the one making the deal fail through. If it’s your fault,you may be responsible for the reimbursement to your agent. It is making sense if A Real estate agent pursue the commission if he/she did a good a job,like brought a satisfying offer to the seller client and the offer was accepted, but seller couldn’t close the deal for personal reasons. if it’s the other party’s liability. For example a buyer couldn’t arrange sufficient fund to close the deal. As seller you might want to discuss with you client first before making any decision(something like sign a mutual release and keep the deposit). Because many people are involved in a real estate transaction,when you sign the paper, you’re no longer by yourself. Here is an example that An agent sued his seller client for commission:

2018-09-08 01:54:33


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Do you need credit history to rent in Toronto?

Kent  Jiang Sales Rep

In most of the case the landlord will ask for one, but it doesn’t mean it’s 100% necessary. There are other options if you don’t have a great credit report to support your rental application: 1. some for lease by owner is not looking for credit report as they are trying to do it simple. The negative side would be sometimes landlord doesn’t want to use a paper contract and it brings both side higher risks. 2. Reference letter from previous landlord and current employer. As much detail as possible. Landlord wants security as well. 3. provide pay stub. 4. Pay more months’ rent as security deposit. 5. offer flexible move in time. 6. Offer to do cleaning job once a month.(hire cleaning company instead of doing by yourself). 7. Meet landlord in person. Dress properly. Show manners. Hope it helps. Kent Jiang Realtor.

2018-09-06 02:07:03


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Why do insurance companies check my credit score?

Jessica Li Sales Rep

Insurance companies check your credit score only to offer you the best premium possible. It’s been shown that credit scores are effective in predicting future insurance claims. Credit agencies distinguish between consulting for insurance purposes and consulting for a loan. Your credit score isn’t affected when insurer runs a credit check. If you don’t want your credit score to be checked, insurance companies will respect your decision and offer you an insurance premium, although you might not receive the best premium.

2018-07-04 20:52:21


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What is title insurance?

Da Zhang Sales Rep

An insurance need to buy but not expensive

2018-09-27 01:34:03


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Da Zhang Sales Rep

Step 1: Call Me at 647 618 0117 Step 2: I will help you do the rest.

2018-09-27 01:30:53


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Da Zhang Sales Rep

I can finance this tax. Call me for details.

2018-09-27 01:27:52


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Da Zhang Sales Rep

Right now, best for townhouse!! Really depends on time!

2018-09-27 01:29:59


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Da Zhang Sales Rep

Canada is forever! China is max 60 years

2018-09-27 01:32:51


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