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How important is the staging when I am selling my house?

Betty Betty Zheng Broker

1. Staging=Better Photos=More Buyers You know how you love browsing the internet looking at properties for sale? You’re not alone. We’ve built our whole business model around the fact that people shop online for a home. Today’s Buyer has come to expect the polish they see on TV – we call it the HGTV effect. Staged homes just look better in photos – there’s no denying it. 2. Staging=More $$= Happier Sellers While the impact of staging depends on a lot of factors, we believe professional staging adds 2-3% to the price of a home in Toronto. So a $1,000,000 house, for example, would sell for $1,020,000-$1,030,000 if it was professionally staged. What would you do with an extra $20 or 30K? 3. A Faster Sale=Less Stress Despite what you might think, not every home listed for sale in Toronto sells in 7 days. Selling your home in less time means spending your time with your friends and family instead of washing your floors and making your bed while you wait for your home to sell. 4.To find profesional stage company. Yes, you read that right. Professionally staging a typical Toronto home costs anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000. We believe staging is so important that profesional company include it in thier standard service. They have a 3,000 sqft warehouse full of art, furniture and accessories, some full-time stagers on staff and preferred partnerships with all the people you need to prep your home for sale:

2018-07-04 22:04:01


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Alvin Liu Sales Rep

这个要看您是不是第一次首次买房 如果是全球第一次买房 本地居民的话是有 土地转让税减少 谢谢 有需要随时联系我

2018-08-09 02:59:37


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How are area measurements in construction counted?

Betty Betty Zheng Broker

This surface area is generally measured and noted according to the standard of The Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors as follows: 1. Measure each floor including the basement to the outer face of the external walls. No deductions are to be made for openings within the floor area, i.e. for stairs, elevators, ducts, etc. Include the area of all mezzanine floors. 2. Mezzanine (unfinished) floor areas in industrial buildings should not be included in the gross floor area. 3. Measure special floors, such as enclosures for mechanical equipment, crawl spaces having concrete floors, areaways, balconies, etc., separately. 4. Measure sloping and stepped floors as flat 5. When the external walls are broken up with a large number of small projections (e.g. projecting column) the measurement should be taken to the mean face of the external wall. 6. Exclude all external steps, paved areas and covered ways. *Note that the area of the basement is often not included in cases of townhouses and residences.

2018-06-27 15:55:13


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After I assign the unit, do I have any further obligations with this unit?

Olga Nova Sales Rep

Until closing date with Builder both Assignor and Assignee will be responsible for the closing.If Assignee wouldn't be able to close the deal with Builder then Assignor has obligations to close the purchase with Builder.

2018-07-26 19:29:12


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Faith J Broker


2018-07-04 20:26:39


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Adam wang Sales Rep


2018-07-05 02:20:07


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Betty Betty Zheng Broker

和本地人没有什么实质的区别,程序也差不多。要说区别,那就是外籍人士不享受本国居民享有的“自住房”免增值税优惠,外国人投资的所有房子在出售变现时,其部分利润都必须交增值税。外国人申请房屋按揭贷款时,银行和金融机构考察的也无非是申请人的基本情况、收入、信用、首付、以及房子的位置状况等。但是基于外籍人士的特殊情况,居外认为以下几点还是有必要说明一下。 第一,外籍人士申请加拿大房屋按揭贷款时,需要在加拿大银行开立全功能的账户,以便按月支付月供。 第二,外籍居民在加拿大申请贷款时可以没有信用记录。(来源:居外课堂)

2018-07-04 21:58:51


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What renters need to know about Ontario’s new tenancy lease agreement?

Betty Betty Zheng Broker

There is a provision that if a tenant requests a copy of their lease and doesn't get it within 21 days, they can withhold one month's rent. If the landlord doesn't produce it after that month, the tenant wouldn't be required to repay it. It is a small enforcement method built into the agreement to ensure tenants get a copy of their leases and know what they sign. If they never get a copy of their lease, they get 60 days' notice to terminate the tenancy early. WHAT KINDS OF PROPERTIES DOES THE LEASE APPLY TO? This will apply to residential tenant properties, but not care homes, mobile home parks, land lease communities and most social housing. There might be some exclusions under co-operative housing as well. IF I HAVE A LEASE SIGNED BEFORE APRIL 30, DO I NEED TO SIGN A NEW ONE? All old leases remain valid. The only thing that remains to be void is any illegal clause that might have been contained in them.From April 30,2018, it became mandatory for most residential landlords to use a 13-page standardized lease agreement, recently unveiled by the provincial government in hopes of protecting tenants from being tricked by lengthy agreements rife with illegal clauses and language that is hard to understand and often winds up in litigation. Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario lawyer Dania Majid breaks down the basics of the new lease and what renters should be aware of: WHY HAS THE PROVINCE INTRODUCED A NEW STANDARDIZED AGREEMENT? Before the new agreement, a lease would look drastically different from one landlord to another. There was a huge range of what was included and excluded. Even with corporate or professional landlords, their leases contained several illegal clauses that tenants were signing in these long, legalese-type documents. The hope was that by creating a standard form lease that excluded all of these illegal clauses and harmonized what a big landlord and a small landlord would put in front of a tenant, it would be simpler, clearer to read, easier to understand, and both parties would know what the rent was and what was being offered or included in that rent. Right now most major cities, including Toronto, have low vacancy rates, extremely high rent and an affordable housing crisis. The agreement is trying to level a very unbalanced playing field for tenants and landlords, and close a gap in negotiating power between the two parties. WHAT SHOULD I LOOK OUT FOR IF I'M A TENANT SIGNING THE NEW LEASE? There is a section at the end of the new lease that allows a landlord to attach a document with additional terms not already in the lease. The standard form lease is comprehensive enough, so a landlord should not need to add any terms. But what we might see creep in - which is what we were trying to get rid of - is things like regulating guests and how many you can have and how long they can stay, and clauses around maintenance like requiring a tenant to do work around the premise like mowing the lawn, shovelling the driveway and undertaking minor repairs inside the unit. Other things that could slip in there are issues around privacy and when the landlord can have access to the unit, penalty fees, additional processing fees or application fees. A tenant shouldn't be paying damage deposits, more than one month's rent in advance, interest on arrears or penalties on missed rental payments, and they shouldn't be expected to waive their liability or their landlord's liability for maintenance and repair issues. WHAT ENHANCED RIGHTS DO TENANTS HAVE WITH THE LEASE?

2018-07-24 20:19:22


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If I choose not to replace an item that I claim through home insurance, do I still get the cash?

Jessica Li Sales Rep

Even if you do not replace the item, your insurance provider will pay out on the claim if the peril is covered. The difference may be in the amount that you receive as payment. In the case of a replacement value policy, you may need to provide receipts to prove the true replacement cost – as otherwise you may only receive the actual (depreciated) cash value of the goods that were lost or damaged.

2018-07-04 20:46:18


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What are the advantage of buying your new home at the planning stage?

Adam wang Sales Rep

Buying your condos at planning stage can help you lock in the price. As well it allows you to do more customized items and upgrades.

2018-07-05 02:08:46


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