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Pillar 1: Supply Chain

A mature social e-commerce service and commodity supply chain

Pillar 2: Operational Approach

A complete social e-commerce management approach

Pillar 3: Technical Systems

An advanced social e-commerce structure

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Sesamebuy is an online supermarket to provide a convenient and affordable shopping service.
To get a good deal of shopping, please join in Sesame community-based group and then make order in it. The orders to a same community will be distributed and delivered to our community master.
Sesame Buy not only redefines neighborhood relationships and also makes shopping more fun. It is a new channel of community-based innovation retail trade.

Sesame Buy mini program

Sesamebuy mini program can help you build new customers by sharing WeChats customer resources.
Product SKU: Well-selected boutiques
Product features: top rated, bestselling and most popular products
Product categories include: Food and grocery, home care, health and personal care, clothing. Small appliances, etc.
It’s a one-stop service from payment to pick-up and delivery.

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