About ratings and reports

Why do platform users need to rate sesame partners?

The rating is critical to maintaining the quality of the services of the sesame cooperative merchants. Sesame strongly recommends that you rate the merchants that have sent you a response, the merchants you have contacted, or the merchants that have provided services. Sesame Home is trying to create a reliable rating system that help merchants to improve their services. The customer will be the ultimate beneficiary of the rating system and Sesame Home needs a vote from you.

How does the rating work?

The partner rating determines his or her chances of being selected by the client. The higher the rating, the more professional the merchant’s reputation on the platform is and the more attractive it is to the clients. Every sesame partner needs to work hard to improve the rating and win more business including the amount of replies you make, likes by clients; contacts by clients, and the amount of successful deals.

What happens when a user posts the advertising on the platform?

Sesame Partners can report any user requests that were not properly filled out. After the user has been reported three times, Sesame can take the corresponding action. Similarly, partners are also required to comply with the platform rules and do not to send any irrelevant information.

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