About Real Estate and real estate brokers

what is the source of listings on the Sesame Home?

The listings on our platform come from two sources. One is the MLS listing provided by the Toronto Real Estate Board TREB and synchronized update with MLS. The other is the distribution from the agent’s private sale including assignments, exclusive sales, short-term rentals, etc.

How does a real estate agent post a listing on the platform?

Sesame Home offers more opportunities for agents through its unique online features which allows to post extra listings besides the MLS system, such as private listings, sublets, and assignments. First the agent has to become our sesame partner, and then post the listing through the "MyListing" in the partner management background. The platform provides three ways to post listing including create new, cloning MLS and editing web pages. After the listing is posted, it will be showed on the map for customers to review.

How to find a listing?

The platform provides a conditional filter with the big data selection function, allowing you to quickly locate the listings you are interested in. The listings can be shared in batches and you can check news related to it in the market. The system will notify you by SMS or email. You can also add it to the checklist to get a quick appointment.

How do I post a property request for buying, selling and rent-seeking?

There are two ways to post a request.

1. you can click on the add sign in the top right corner of the map page, and then fill in the information according to your needs. It will be sent to all real estate agents through our platform once you click “Post Request”.

2. you can review the “List” first, and then pick out the listing you like and add it into the showing list, and then send it out with the request form. By this way, the agent can know your demand quickly and help you with a showing appointment. Due to multiple selection of showing list in our system, you can submit up to ten requests at one time.

How do I check the agent's response after the property request is submitted?

All agents on Sesame Home can see your showing or listing request until the expiration date you set. You also can see the reply from the agent in the "My Requests". When the first agent responds, you will receive a notification. Each agent’s reply is displayed by the time of delivery, and you can set other sorting methods to view. You can contact one or more of them according to their replies, and then choose the most satisfactory ones to help you arrange the showing appointment. Once you have found a agent and do not need this property request any more, you can delete it by clicking "Delete" in the top right corner of the Request Detail page. Again you can make the request valid by clicking "Restore".

Introduction for the assignment on the sesame platform?

Agents focusing on assignments can find the latest information of the new house by clicking on the "New House" button in the top left menu button. If you have a buyer, you are welcome to work with the Sesame team. If you have the buyer in hand, you can also post your cooperation information through the sesame listing function and then wait for other brokers and customers to find you for cooperation.

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