About Sesame Partner and Partner Membership

What is the Sesame Partner?

All real estate agents, licensed professionals, and merchants are referred to as Sesame Partners after registering on Sesame Home. Our platform can help to create your professional image and reputation. You are Welcome to be one of us and make the closest contact with your potential customers. To protect the interests of partners, Sesame Home will not directly contact any platform users without partners’ permission.

How to become a certified sesame partner?

Complete the following two steps and become a Sesame Partner immediately:

a. Provide personal or company identity information as required;

b. Choose your service or product category and describe the details of it

All the documents you submit will be reviewed within one week. Your account will be active after approved. All identity information you submit is for verification purposes only and the platform will strictly enforce the privacy protection.

How do platform users get the services from Sesame Partners?

Users can obtain information of not only real estate but also life services and products through the map or get a response from the partners by sending a request. Users can make simple and effective initial communication with the merchant through the dialog box. If you have a good impression on any merchant, you can click their E-Card for further contact. This platform provides anonymous dialing function to protect your privacy. You also can contact merchants by their email, WeChat and other contact information. Partners can set the filter according to their own conditions. Once the qualified request comes in, the system will send a notification to the partner immediately. Therefore, Sesame Home is an efficient and transparent connection and interaction platform for both parties.

What is the membership of Sesame Partners?

Sesame Partners has to be a member of the platform to post services on Sesame Home platform and obtain more clients from the platform. In order to promise a good experience for each partner, the platform provides a one-month free trial of the new registered merchant, and then will charge a membership fee of $30 per month to maintain the account. Payment can be made through a third-party payment company with an email notification. Sesame partner will lose the membership due to the delay of membership fees payment and the posted service or product will be removed, but the partner management background will still be opened. After the membership is restored, the service will be re-opened.

What are the special features offered to the premium membership of the partner? (coming soon)

Sesame charges a total of $10 for all add-on features as below:

1. The 10 service areas will be displayed in the client map, in stead of the regular 5 areas;

2. Pop at the top of the list when searching by service areas;

3. Upgrade your online business card;

4. Your own listings can be showed into "Sesame Recommendation".

Coming Soon...