Connecting partners and service providers with customers

Create a community-based shopping and service experience for higher efficiency

Increase Income
Get more potential clients through Sesame platform app, website, and mini program to expand your business scale and achieve your targets.
Easy to use
Greatly enhances the merchant experience, fast registration, enter the merchant control panel, post the service or sell the goods in the store after review.
Equal Opportunity​
Whether you are an experienced merchant or newcomer, Sesame Platform will provide a map-based display store model to provide a chance to shine. Better store management and higher user activities lead to more opportunities.
Precision marketing​
No need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in traditional advertising; only a small deposit is needed to reach precisely targeted customers. Receive gifts on us when you register.

Sesame Home App

One click to become a partner of Sesame
Complete the store registration in two steps
Accessible store management system
App for professionals (Ex. Realtor can post exclusive listing)

Sesame Buy website

If you have a well-known product or service, worried about distribution of sales regarding the product or if you can’t afford the cost to open a store, you can work with us!
1. A huge e-commerce network
2. A new logistics system
3. Data containing household consumptions
Join us to become a team leader in your community, you’ll get more resources while increasing opportunities for your business.

WeChat group buy mini Program

1. Precise online advertising marketing plan
2. A service site closest to your community
3. Further development of service capabilities
4. The best design and quality from your mobile phone store

Join our team leading plan, open a store at no expense and share resources.

Sesame platform connects you with the communities of clients in need

Step 1

Sign Up

Step 2

Add products or services

Step 3

Set up promotions and marketing plans

Step 4

Contact clients and make deals

Shop and pre-order services with the Sesame Home app to save time and money

Download the Sesame Home app now to enjoy services and receive gifts on us

Sesame Home App

Sesame Buy Website

WeChat Mini Program

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